venerdì 18 aprile 2008

Danny Federici 1950-2008


what a shock.

You were the Italian among the Italians of the E Street Band. Your accordion was a magic within the magic.

Never really knew you well, but that afternoon in Genova, when I met you guys backstage, while you were with Max, I came to you, straight, and asked to play Loose Ends.

Kinda rare, kinda impossible, I thought. You just said ”let me give it a try when I see Bruce”.

Not only the E Street Band played Loose Ends that night on stage, but you, Roy and Nils played one of the funniest moment ever for us Italian crowd: the three accordion players in the land of the three tenors.

And Bruce’s mom and aunt danced their neapoletan roots off next to all of you guys.

Rest in peace Danny. We all miss you so much, but I can see you now dancing with your shirt open like a latin lover along the shore.

And that makes me feel better.